Waiver of claims


Clarcy Consulting (hereinafter referred to as the organizer) and the event to which you have registered (hereinafter referred to as the event).

The various parties directly or indirectly involved and/or related to the organization of the Event (hereinafter referred to as "the Organizers in the broadest sense") are indicative and not limited to:

  • Clarcy Consulting, its executives, partners, consultants, representatives, hostesses, or volunteers,
  • Any company, sponsor, or organization associated with the event.

The Event includes, on ... (date in DD/MM/YY format), a tourist route where participants can depart and arrive at their own pace and, if necessary, can deviate from the proposed travel schedule, for example, due to road works, traffic jams, weather conditions, diversions, or other disruptions or if they wish to do so. This event is in no way a race or a speed competition.

By participating in the Event, the undersigned accept, acknowledge, and irrevocably guarantee the following conditions, firmly commit, and declare, on their own behalf and on behalf of each of their family members and heirs, unconditionally and definitively:

  • Participate exclusively at their own risk,
  • Waive any recourse and/or right to compensation against the Organisers in the broadest sense for any immaterial and material or bodily damage, including death, resulting or not from their own fault, error, reckless behavior, or negligence.
  • Release the Organisers in the broadest sense from any liability for loss, theft, or possible damages to property - vehicles and other belongings - that may occur during the event,
  • Follow the instructions and directives given by the organisers at any time during this event; they have the right and the possibility to exclude the participant from the continuation of the event, without giving reasons and without refunding the participation fees.
  • Comply with the law, all traffic laws and regulations, and adopt appropriate driving behavior, respecting all safety rules both behind the steering and at the location where they are during the event.
  • Remain solely responsible at all times for all individuals under their care or whom they bring or, if applicable, whom they guarantee.

The undersigned guarantee at all times and upon first request the Organizers in the broadest sense against any principal and/or accessory damage for which they would be responsible and/or for which they would be convicted.

The undersigned declare to have read the content of this document.

Subject to Belgian law.

Certified authentic,

Drawn up in ................................ on DD/MM/202A.

Name, first name, role (driver / co-driver)


Name, first name, role (driver / co-driver)