Security Briefing.

Dear participant,

We are delighted to welcome you to this tourist rally, a day filled with fun and adventure through stunning landscapes. Before you take the wheel of your beautiful car, we want to wish you an amazing journey and emphasize how important it is to drive carefully and responsibly. Here are some essential points to keep in mind for the safety of all participants and other road users:

1. Roadbook and Instructions:

The provided roadbook contains valuable instructions to guide you during this rally. However, please note that not all traffic signs, speed bumps, or road obstacles are mentioned in the book. Stay vigilant and cautious at all times. Our aim is to guide you, but your continuous attention is essential to recognize unexpected situations.

2. Respect Speed Limits:

This rally is not a speed competition. Strictly adhere to traffic rules and speed limits. Be particularly attentive in urban areas and zones with a speed limit of 30 km/h. We do not mention speed cameras in our roadbooks to avoid any encouragement of speeding.

3. Mutual Respect and Good Atmosphere:

Each participant has their own driving style. Be respectful towards others and pay attention to their intentions. Use indicators to signal overtaking maneuvers or to indicate that you wish to be overtaken. We share the road with other vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. Be courteous by slowing down and maintaining a safe distance when overtaking.

4. Avoid Distractions While Driving:

Concentration is of utmost importance while driving. Avoid any form of distraction, such as using a mobile phone, applying makeup, or eating. The safety of everyone depends on your continuous attention to the road.

5. Drive Sober:

It goes without saying that driving under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances is strictly prohibited. Ensure you are sober and in full control before getting behind the wheel.

6. Follow Instructions from Authorities and Organizers:

In the case of serious incidents or emergencies, follow the instructions of local authorities and event organizers. Your safety and that of other participants are paramount.

7. Precautions for Deviations and Incidents:

We have measures in place to assist you in case of deviations or incidents on the route. At the end of each route, you will find a list of GPS coordinates for each box of the roadbook. If you get lost or encounter a deviation, you can find the route again a bit further using these coordinates. Refer to the end of the roadbook for detailed instructions on how to use the Waze app to guide you to a specific point.

8. Personal Responsibility:

Realize that you are responsible for your actions on the road. We will not tolerate any violation of traffic rules. Stay vigilant and always respect traffic regulations.

In Conclusion:

The safety of everyone remains our top priority. By respecting speed limits and traffic regulations, you contribute to a safe environment for everyone. We remind you of the importance of courteous driving, avoiding distractions, and never driving under the influence. In case of deviations, you will find GPS coordinates at the end of the roadbook to guide you. Remember that you are individually responsible for your actions in the event of an incident. With these principles in mind, we hope you will fully and safely enjoy this unforgettable adventure.

The organising team